Premium handmade guitars

The current trend among guitar lovers is to get rid of their factory-made instruments and buy premium handmade guitars. Some argue that the latter have a unique sound that will never be matched by the ones that are machine-made. Others believe that all instruments have a small fault and the ones made by luthiers have plenty of defects.

What is a handmade guitar?

handmade guitarsThere are many similarities between factory-made guitars and handmade ones. Luthiers work on their instruments with almost the same tools used in large manufacturing plants. They also use similar designs to deliver high-quality products.

However, the main difference between series guitars and individually built instruments is the freedom that the artist has in his work. While factory manufacturers have to follow a particular pattern that leaves very little room for creativity, the freelance luthier has a high degree of creative independence in his work, and none of his guitars look alike.

Premium instruments create long-term friendships

When you buy a guitar from a professional luthier, you make the first step in a friendship that might last for the rest of your life. Instruments need constant repairs and maintenance, just like cars or electrical appliances do. So, who is a better repairman than the artist who produced your guitar with his bare hands? Regular visits will strengthen the relationship between you and your luthier, a thing that is impossible to achieve with a factory that produces instruments in mass series.

The price of handmade guitars

Factory made instruments are considerably cheaper than handmade ones. However, the difference in price is reflected by the time spent in the production process. Luthiers spend between 150-250 hours curing every detail of the guitar, while factories spend 48 hours at most to produce an instrument through mechanical work. However, if you want to play a high-quality, unique guitar, you should be ready to pay a higher cost.